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Direct measurement of mass flow or standard volumetric flow in compressed air and non-corrosive gases. The thermal mass flow meter uses the hot film anemometer principle for direct measurement of gas mass flow. Correction for gas temperature and pressure are not necessary.

Product range

The E+E mass flow transmitters measure highly accurate mass flow, volumetric flow, standard flow and consumption of compressed air, nitrogen, helium, argon, oxygen or other non-corrosive gases.

The devices can be employed in a wide range of temperatures and pressures. The E+E thermal flow meters feature the well proven E+E sensor element operating on the thin film anemometer principle. Factory adjustment at working pressure in a high-precision mass flow calibration facility ensures outstanding measurement accuracy.

Due to their innovative construction, the E+E mass flow meters are very easy to install, calibrate and service. Interchangeable intelligent probes can be replaced within seconds. Ball valve mounting systems allow for installing and replacing the devices with only short interruption of the process, while with multi-controller units the transmitters can be installed and removed even without process interruption.